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Now your taper candles will always be upright and stable.

Sta-Put Candle Grips™ are the perfect solution for stabilizing and securing taper candles in candle holders. Our grandmother invented this product over 65 years ago, and our family has been selling it continuously ever since. Made with the finest materials, under the family’s strict supervision, STA•PUT Candle Grips™ are clearly the superior product of its kind.

Proudly Made in the USA

Candleholders stay clean – no sticky, waxy mess
Other wax based products are difficult to remove and can often leave a messy wax residue in the candleholder that is nearly impossible to remove. STA•PUT Candle Grips™ are easy to remove and leave no extra material leaving your candleholders clean.
Automatically adjusts to the size and shape of nearly any taper candle
Our unique grip design allows for use in a range of taper candle sizes. For larger candleholders, overlap two Sta•Put Candle Grips™ in a figure-8. Trim Sta•Put Candle Grips™ with a scissors for smaller candles.
Not visible – discreetly placed inside candleholder
Sta•Put Candle Grips™ are not visible in non-transparent candleholders ensuring that your decorations remain beautiful.

1. Place STA•PUT Candle Grip™ on the top of a candleholder.

2. Place bottom of candle over candle grip.

3. Push candle and grip together into candleholder.

4. For larger candleholders, overlap 2 STA-PUT Candle Grips™ in a figure-8.


Easton Pennsylvania has a rich history going back to pre-colonial times. Located in the Lehigh Valley, about 75 miles from Philadelphia, Easton is today still a premier destination for people who love history, architecture and Americana.

In the 1950s, my grandmother Amelia was a member of Easton society, and an avid collector of antiques. One of her most treasured possessions was a noteworthy collection of silver candlesticks and candelabras produced in the area. Grandma loved to entertain, and her candlesticks were always on full display. Unfortunately, Grandma was constantly dismayed by the fact that her candles would not stay upright and secure in the holders.

Luckily our Grandpa Reuel was as an amateur inventor and spent many hours tinkering in his basement workshop. Upon learning about Grandma’s wobbly candles, he was now excited to focus his efforts on an invention that would benefit Grandma and make her happy. So, he rolled up his sleeves and after some trial and error, he found the perfect solution for her:

STA•PUT Candle Grips™

My grandparents produced and sold these candle grips for many years. Afterwards, to honor my grandparents’ memory and efforts, my parents continued the legacy.

Now we, the third generation, are carrying on the family tradition. For nearly 70 years our Pennsylvania company has manufactured and sold this quality candle accessory to dedicated, loyal customers throughout the United States and Canada. Our candle grips can be found in churches, museums and distinctive homes across the country.

We invite you to try STA•PUT Candle Grips TM for yourself, and become a member of our growing legions of satisfied customers!

We invite you to try STA•PUT Candle Grips TM for yourself, and become a member of our growing legions of satisfied customers!
 – Rachel and Ron

We thank you for your interest in STA•PUT Candle Grips!


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